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Rumours spead that the the new film by Baz Lurhmann, Australia, may be a box office disaster with squabbles over the length of the movie and even its ending. That is until Oprah went on her show raving about how it was the best film she had seen in years. Studio heads no longer need to worry about it`s box office numbers now that millions of Oprah heads are getting ready to rush and see some are calling the Next Gone With The Wind. Reports are that Baz Luhrmann wrote 6 endings and shot 3. Does Hugh Jackman’s character survive? No one is saying though a apparently there is a twist!

However that doesn`t mean it us going to be a good movie. Last time I check Oprah also made such a fuss over Vanilla Sky. Join Ricky, Simon and Ali who returns once again for some honest, no bullshit review on the epic film. While we`re at it, we will take the opportunity to review his older films Romeo and Juliet and Strictly Ballroom.

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