Naked Lunch Radio #77 – A Short podcast about Kieslowski

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Way back in Episode 28, we discussed Krzystzof Kieslowski’s seminal Three Colors trilogy with our resident European film expert, Eduardo Lucatero, and promised to return to discuss the revered Polish master’s earlier work. Well it’s taken forever, but we finally got our act together to discuss A Short Film About Love, A Short Film About Killing, and his most challenging film, The Double Life of Veronique. Rick had to sit this one out, but joining Simon is returning guest Eduardo and friend of the show Jaimee Lee-Baggley.

  1. Alek says

    Testing comment…

  2. Alexandre Fabbri says

    Hi there. I listened to podcast Episode 77 and the earlier podcast (Episode 28). It was revealing to me to listen to these podcasts and really appreciate just how difficult it is for some newcomers to Kieslowski’s films to comprehend what he was trying to do.

    As for me, well, I will be at my usual table in the Brasserie Alizé this evening from 6pm (UK time), chatting to Tony, who used to live in Hampshire, England and an enthusiast of Kieslowski’s films. Please drop in whenever you wish, join in the chat and introduce any topic you wish or just listen. Hope to hear your views later this evening if possible.

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