Sound On Sight Radio #86- Barflies, Boxers, Gumshoes, and small time Gangsters

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“I thought my talent would transcend my outspokenness. I was wrong. I’m willing to give them 100 per cent this time. I just want a second chance at Hollywood.”

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke has had quite a career. He has moved back and forth from boxer to actor, and back again. Rourke has been called many things by many people, but conventional has never been one of the adjectives used to describe him. Tune into our first of a two part special on the man himself.

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  1. Leo says

    Hey guys

    Is this episode still available? I emailed your feedback email address sometime back regarding the availabilty of this episode but got no reply.


    1. Ricky says

      Hello Leo,

      Sorry, but I don’t recall ever receiving an email from you. I’ve fixed the podcast so it is once again available to listen to both on our site and on ITunes. I’ll be fixing the other episodes that no longer work. It seems the problem came when we changed our name from The Naked Lunch to Sound On Sight. Thanks for listening.

      1. Leo says

        Hi Ricky,

        Thanks very much for doing that, looking forward to listening as I had decided to watch the three films before listening to this episode. Been a fan for a few years now, really appreciate all your efforts! Regarding my previous email, i sent it to [email protected] on 30th October but perhaps it didn’t get through for some reason.
        Anyway keep up the great work!


  2. CallmeJane says

    You guys should cover 9 1/2 Weeks. It’s in my opinion Rourke’s best performance. I myself have never seen Barfly but I intend on seeking it out in the near future. I loved the podcast and I plan on following you guys every week from now on. Good job.

  3. DeL says

    Thanks for doing that podcast I really enjoyed listening to it. I’d love to hear the full mickey rourke interview that you played clips of, wheres it from?

  4. Ricky says

    P.S. I like The Commitments too! I am not sure what Simon is smoking.

  5. Ricky says

    To To answer your question micro, most of our comments were placed on our older site. We just started this site last week so that may explain why there are so few comments. It could also be that not too many people are listening. In any case Thank you for the feedback.

  6. Mathew Goodson says

    This is one of the best film podcasts I have heard so far. Keep up the great work.

  7. mirco says

    great podcast, you guys. how come there are almost NO comments (except for when you pick apart a crappy movie like benjamin button)?

    anyway. inspired by “the wrestler” i’m rewatching old mickey rourke movies, and just yesterday i saw “angel heart”.

    besides the final shot of the baby i really liked the movie because of its over all athmospere. deniro is completely over the top, yes. the names are ridiculous, sure. but i think it all works, if you accept (in the end), that it’s a voodoo-/horror-movie, that takes a lot of time to setup its twist.

    (and i have to disagree, alan parker is a fantastic director, and he made some of my favourite movies. how can someone not like “the commitments”?).

    what i found interesting was, that you said, that the twist was predictable.

    it wasn’t back in 1987 :-)

    when i saw the movie yesterday (knowing what was going to happen of course), i couldn’t help but think, that by todays standards, there were way too many hints throughout the movie. but twenty years ago, most people didn’t see this coming.

    (at least i didn’t)

    anyway. i’m gonna see, if there’s a podcast on charlie bartlett now, and as long as you tear it apart, i’ll definately check out a few more.

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