Sound On Sight Radio #93 – Henry Selick


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Funny how movie marketing works. A few years back, when Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” saw release, it became convenient to associate Burton with 1993’s “Nightmare Before Christmas,” a movie he only co-produced and did story work on. “Nightmare” was actually directed by a fellow named Henry Selick – a less sellable name, perhaps, but a consistent presence in the realm of animation since the ’80s. Now, Selick has a new film in theaters, the Neil Gaiman adaptation Coraline, and marketers are keen to point out that it was in fact Selick who brought Jack Skeliington to the screen. Nevertheless, Simon, Ali and Al willl take a look at both stop-motion kiddie creep-fests on this episode on Episode 93 of Sound on Sight.

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