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Up to this point, the career of Steven Soderbergh has unfolded like every independent director’s wet dream. His early films, such as 1989’s sex, lies and videotape, were the sort of intimate, deeply personal stories that stun film critics at Sundance but tend to find less success when playing alongside Rocky sequels. Nevertheless, the director has found great commercial success in recent years, with films like Erin Brockovich and Ocean’s 11 ringing in millions at the box office and, in the case of 2000’s Traffic, earning Soderbergh an Oscar for Best Director. Since then, he’s alternated commercial studio fare with low-budget, indie-friendly work. His latest film, the $60 million dollar, four-hour epic Che, may be a perfect synthesis of these two seemingly contradictory styles. Tonight, Sound on Sight takes a look at Che parts 1 and 2, as well as Schizopolis and Kafka, two of the eclectic director’s lesser-known films. Please note that tonight, host Ricky D will be replaced by guest star Mariko McDonald.

  1. richard says

    good to know! and to think i might never have found this podcast if i hadn’t been “researching” for a paper on soderbergh.

    the horror/cult themed ones are absolutely my next target. thanks again (from california, for whatever that’s worth)!

    1. Ricky D says

      Richard your feedback makes a huge difference. We do not get paid for this show. At least not yet and it is hard to find listeners without any budget for advertisements. So thank you again.

  2. Ricky D says

    Hey Richard,

    The third host was Ali and we usually disagree on most show!

    1. Ricky D says

      Sorry I mean Al Kratina not Ali McKinnon

  3. richard says

    forgive me, but who was the third host alongside mariko and simon? all three of you were pretty amazing and this is the kind of movie podcast that is supremely lacking: one in which all of the hosts offer original ideas that will occasionally (and successfully) clash. the mature disagreements make for really interesting listening. thank you!

  4. Ricky says

    I would have to agree more with Mariko on this review. I really liked the look and feel of the movie reflecting back to the days of classic horror films. Steven Soderbergh says there are two types of film makers, the originators and synthesizers and he claims he would fall into the second group. He goes on to say he has never made anything original but rather borrows from his favorite film makers and is heavily influenced by those movies he loves. In this case those artists being Orson Welles and Fritz Lang. I agree that the film has its problems but I wish Simon would have backed up his point when he went on to say that he felt it was a mess. I would have to completely disagree. I think it is far from a mess and in some ways is one of his most interesting works. Soderbergh goes on to say that reflecting back on it, he wished he would have taken a looser approach. He wishes he would have had more fun with the film. I personally would love to see him take on a project similar to this again
    What I love about Soderbergh is how he tackles so many different genres. He is always experimenting and more importantly he is always working on a new project where as other film makers sit and wait for a great screenplay to fall on their lap. They are not willing to work as hard as he does in perfecting his craft. I love his techniques, his roaming camera, his documentary style, his voyeuristic pull back approach and the naturalism of it all. I actually like the lack of intimacy to most of his films. His camera is usually voyeuristic and he always stays a safe distance away (Aside from maybe Sex Likes and Videotape).Bubble would be the best example of this approach. With that being said I am looking forward to seeing Che tomorrow and seeing how he incorporates these and other techniques he is known for. And I am pretty sure I am going to disagree with you guys on Che, so I will definitely be present on our next Soderbergh special.
    In any case great job on the show.

    Ricky D

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