Everyone Can Watch the Complete ‘Fight for your Right Revisited’ Short Film Online

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A few days ago I posted The Beastie Boys short film Fight for Your Right – Revisited after it premiered on VH1, but only US residents were able to watch. Well now the short film as been posted on YouTube for an international audience, so everyone can enjoy it.

The short film tells a fictitious story of what happened to the Beastie Boys following the events of their 1987 music video of the same name. The 20-minute short is a pollywog stew of a music video and dialogue-heavy slapstick humour that bursts with comedic force, thanks to the talents of some of Hollywood’s most reliable improv talents. As the Beastie Boys themselves, Elijah Wood (Ad Rock), Danny McBride (MCA) and Seth Rogen (Mike D) channel their real-life counterparts effectively, as the trio spend the majority of the running time terrorizing the streets of New York.

Watch the short film below. The Beastie Boys new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two hits stores on May 3rd.

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