Exclusive: Watch the trailer for ‘Desire in New York’, a steamy drama of sex and addiction


Here at Sound on Sight we’re always interested in discovering work by new filmmakers, and we came across this impressive trailer for Desire in New York, by first time feature filmmaker Ahmed Ziari. Making its World Premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley, Desire in New York tells the story of Karen, a businesswoman struggling with a sex addiction, compelling her to act out masochistic fantasies and pose on street corners as a prostitute. The film looks picturesque and hypnotic in black and white. Here’s the full log line via IMDb:

When Karen’s strong personality collides with her sexual addiction, she has to take a closer look at her relationship with her estranged son.

Desire in New York‘s World Premiere takes place on February 28 at the Cinequest Film Festival. Watch the exclusive trailer below:


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