Extrasode (Podcast): ‘The Hunger’ Games Extended Review

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Well, it is just after the opening weekend of The Hunger Games, the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ mega selling young adult dystopian trilogy and the world was DEFINITELY watching. With a worldwide gross of over 200 million in just a little over three days, the film has not only managed to reel in both casual movie goers and hard core fans but has also garnered a reasonable amount of positive critical acclaim.  But how does the film stand up to our critical eye??

Join us for a mega-sized episode in which Ricky D of the Sound on Sight podcast teams up with Gregory Ashman of the Critical Mass Cast and Shawn Keown and Francis Maxwell of the Zero Pretension podcast – to to talk about the world of The Hunger Games and how the craft of director Gary Ross’ vision holds up on screen.

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  1. Shawn says

    Recording this episode was so much fun, and having Ricky on board was awesome. I hope you all enjoy it.

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