Fans given glimpse of ‘Broadchurch’ season two in new trailers


Where exactly Broadchurch will go when it returns in January 2015 seems to be the main focus of four new trailers released for the show’s second season. The trailers, all 20 seconds long, carry this mysterious tagline: “The end is where it begins.” The first series of Broadchurch was haunting, disturbing, and evocative. But the killer was revealed and how exactly the show will continue, what Detective Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and especially Detective Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman) will be doing when the show returns is clearly the dominant theme for season two. Especially given the voiceovers by both characters in the third trailer, “There was a boy and he was killed. I caught the killer. So why am I still here?” Hardy tells us. In the the fourth trailer there is Ellie, “There was a boy and he was killed. What happened then destroyed my family, my job, and my town. So what do I do now?”

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