Fantasia ’15: Another World Premiere, check out ‘The Interior’ trailer


We’ve been sharing a number of trailers for films receiving their World Premiere prior to the Fantasia Film Festival starting next week, and this one is a far throw from the body horror Bite or the neo-noir The Demolisher.

The Interior comes from Trevor Juras, a disciple of Werner Herzog’s film school and a Canadian born filmmaker. The Interior is Juras’s first full length feature following a number of shorts and is an atmospheric, dreamlike film that quickly devolves into nightmare. Here’s the synopsis via Fantasia:

James is fed up. Fed up with his lifestyle, his boss, his girlfriend. But mostly fed up with himself. To avoid a mental breakdown, this young man spontaneously decides to leave everything behind. First, he quits a high-paying career with promising prospects for a dead-end job. But that’s not enough for James, who yearns for an urgent change of scenery. On the spur of the moment, he flees the chaotic city of Toronto and flies off to beautiful British Columbia. Once there, he discovers a subalpine forest and begins life as a hermit. He wanders aimlessly through the woods, sporadically breaking into cabins in hopes of finding a bit of food and booze. Cut off from civilization, he’s still unable to escape from himself. He’s also feeling observed by some disquieting predator. A man in a red jacket is spying on him, silently logging his every move. And when night falls, insanity kicks in.

Catch The Interior at its World Premiere July 27. Watch the trailer below:

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