Fantasia 2011: Trailer for ‘Animal Control’ – Must See For Dog Lovers and Lovers Of Great Cinema

Spotlight: Small Gauge Trauma 2011

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Animal Control

Directed by Kire Paputts

In Animal Control, Julian Richings (Hardcore Logo, Cube) stars in what Fantasia programmer Mitch Davis calls, “one of the most compelling performances of his career”.  Directed by Toronto filmmaker Kire Paputts, Animal Control follows Larry, a lonely employee of Animal Services whose job involves picking up road kill along the highway. His hobby is taxidermy. Socially isolated, his home is a sanctuary and his only companions are the animals he’s stuffed.

One night at work, Larry spots a dog, seemingly dead, just off the shoulder of a quiet strip of road. Not having a stuffed dog in his menagerie, he takes it home with him where he makes the shocking discovery that the dog, “Sammy”, is still alive.

Sammy’s arrival marks not only the beginning of a new relationship for Larry, but also the realization that animals should be preserved before they are dead, rather than after.

We’ve already posted one extremely positive review for this 16 minute short from SXSW, and it comes highly recommended by Alice Gray who called it, “beautifully shot and stitched together with silence and visual motifs”. Here is the trailer. Enjoy!

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