Fantasia 2011: Trailer for ‘Play Dead’ – A Must See Canine Zombie Short Film

Spotlight: Small Gauge Trauma 2011

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Play Dead

Directed by Diego and Andres Meza-Valdes

Some of you may remember the Troma film Play Dead (also known as Killer Dog), a 1981 horror film directed by Peter Wittman and starring Yvonne De Carlo of The Munsters fame. This is not that movie. Below is a trailer for the another Play Dead, a zombie short film project of a new kind. This 18 minute short film proposes to tell a Zombie Apocalypse seen by dogs! Think Homeward Bound meets 28 Days Later. Critically-acclaimed professional Miami writer/director duo Diego and Andres Meza-Valdes (brothers) are the geniuses behind this short.

In Play Dead, a zombie apocalypse unites a ragtag pack of dogs in the ruined streets of Miami. Immune to the epidemic, the dogs must band together to survive in a city now overrun by flesh eating zombies.

If you are a dog lover and a fan of horror films like me, you are not going to want to miss this.

As you can see by the trailer below, the short is definitely cute, surprisingly touching and extremely funny – but it also boasts some superb production values. JOHNNY FX does the special effects makeup for over 50 principle actors and zombie extras, and the short features several breathtaking stunts including two 30-foot explosions, a man engulfed completely in flames, and machine guns firing over 80 rounds of blanks. Again keep in mind this is a low budget short film.

Play Dead stars Eric Anderson (Halfway) and Nick Ducassi (The Red Eyes), and five professionally trained dogs, including Haylee and Cruiser, whose last motion picture was Marley & Me.

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