Fantasia 2015: See the first trailer for Jacob Gentry’s ‘Synchronicity’


A number of filmmakers have, over the past few years, garnered attention and acclaim from smaller unique films that have drawn in audiences intrigued about the concept in one way or another. Jacob Gentry is no exception to that, as his 2007 feature The Signal, which he co-wrote and co-directed with two other individuals, had many people eager to see what his next feature would be. Following some work in tv, Gentry’s new feature has now been completed.

Titled Synchronicity, the film sees Gentry take on directing reins alone this time around, along with writing the screenplay from a story by Alex Orr. The film’s synopsis is as follows.

When physicist Jim Beale invents a machine that can fold space-time, a rare Dahlia appears from the future. He must now find the flower’s identical match in the present to prove his machine works. Jim soon discovers that the Dahlia lies in the hands of a mysterious girl, who seduces him into revealing his secrets. Convinced that he’s fallen prey to a femme fatale trying to steal his invention, Jim travels back in time to stop her betrayal before it happens. But once in the past, Jim uncovers a surprising truth about the machine, the girl, and his own reality.

Chad McKnight takes on the lead role, with Brianne Davis, AJ Bowen, and Michael Ironside among the supporting cast, and the movie set to make its world premiereĀ at the 2015 Fantasia Film Festival. American and Canadian release dates have yet to be announced, but the trailer can be seen below.

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