Fantasia Trailer: Matt O’Mahoney’s ‘Bloody Knuckles’ shows potential to go beyond a simple splatter-comedy

Bloody Knuckles
Matt O’ Mahoney is yet to be a well-known horror director, though his name is familiar to festival junkies. Having already won Best Horror Short for Electric Fences in 2010, O’Mahoney returns to Fantasia this year with his first feature-length horror comedy, Bloody Knuckles.

After comic book artist Travis takes a a few sharp, satirical jabs at a local mob boss, his hand is brutally severed. A depressed, tired alcoholic, with no outlet for his talent anymore, Travis stops writing until his de-composing severed hand begins to insist he get back to work.

Any fans of splatter comedies could get a kick out of the premise. It also has a great deal of potential for interesting social commentary on free speech. One must wonder what may have happened had Hunter S. Thompson lived up to this threat and set the creator of Doonesbury on fire.

Bloody Knuckles debuts at Fantasia on July 27th at 5 p.m.

Bloody Knuckles (2014) Teaser Trailer from Matt O’Mahoney on Vimeo.

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