Fantasia Film Festival Presents the “Django Project” Retrospective



From the Fantasia Film Festival press release:

The Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal and the Fantasia International Film Festival are teaming up for a second year running to present the Django Project, a retrospective that traces a parallel history of the Western. On the heels of the successful Nikkatsu retrospective organized last year, the two festivals will continue working together through a joint programming initiative. The Django Project will take the form of a two-part series that looks at the way a mythical genre was reappropriated – with irreverence, irony and outrageous excess – by other cultures.

The retrospective will begin during the 17th Fantasia festival (July 18 to August 6) with a first section featuring five films: Lucio Fulci’s Massacre Time (1966), Enzo Barboni’s They Call Me Trinity (1970), its sequel, Trinity Is Still My Name (1971), as well as two other films to be revealed at a later date.

Head to the Fantasia Film Festival’s website for more information.


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