First Look At ‘Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation’

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Two new Toy Story short films will premiere before the end of the year. The first of which, Hawaiian Vacation will be released ahead of Cars 2 starting June 24th and the second as-yet-untitled short to premiere before Disney’s The Muppets this December. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (which is not yet online) has posted the first images from the first short showing off Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Dolly, Ken and Barbie dressed for the part. Despite wrapping up the series with a perfect third installment, Pixar has decided to continue the adventures of the popular toys, and why wouldn’t they after the previous film made over a billion dollars world-wide.

According to The Playlist, the director Gary Rydstrom, (who also made the Pixar short Lifted) said of the short, “Woody becomes kind of like what’s-his-name on “Love Boat”…Captain Stubing!” and continues to say, “As toys who get played with all the time, they have a pretty good imagination, when it’s time for a little playacting, they’re good at it.”

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