First Nightmarish Trailer and Strange Clip for ‘Escape From Tomorrow’


Randy Moore’s Escape From Tomorrow caused quite a stir when it premiered at Sundance earlier this year. To shoot his film, set in Disney World, Moore purchased a season pass to the park and secretly filmed his actors without the park’s knowledge. Many suspected that it would never actually get an official release, but after several months of controversy and possible lawsuits, the film is set to hit select theatres and VOD on October 11. The first official poster for the film, which was released not too long ago, features a bloody hand from Mickey Mouse reaching up. That alone was somewhat haunting, but it is nothing compared to the surreal, eerie and twisted trailer just released. The black-and-white film follows a man who’s fired over the phone while vacationing with his family at Disney. On his last day there, he finds himself on a downward spiral into madness.


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