First Promo for ‘Supernatural’s No-Good, Very Bad Spinoff

The first trailer for Supernatural: Bloodlines, the spinoff of the long-running CW hit, is out….and it is kind of spectacularly bad.  The promo is for the backdoor pilot that will air as a regular Supernatural episode next week. It’s set in Chicago and stars Skins‘ Lucien Laviscount as a police academy trainee.

Two thoughts:

1. Woohoo for the CW picking a black character to headline! A black lead is rare. Incredibly rare. (Especially for the CW, which specializes in shows populated with young white casts).  Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills over on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow is the only other character who springs to mind immediately.

2. I’ve seen exactly one episode of Skins, so I don’t have in-depth knowledge of Lucien Laviscount’s skills. But based on this…an entire industry of young, hopeful actors to choose from, and they couldn’t find someone who could actually act? Also, plot. Histrionic and messy.

(Source: Nerdist)

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