First Trailer for ‘Clown’, From the Director of ‘Cop Car’ (And Also the New Spider-Man Movie)


When it was announced last year that Spider-Man’s first film as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be directed by Jon Watts, you probably went “Sorry, who?”. One of Hollywood’s favorite moves of late has been to take indie directors and give them the reigns of big-budget summer tentpoles in the hopes of fresh talent bringing innovation. Watts, when he was officially announced for what is now called Spider-Man: Homecoming, had only a couple of credits to his name, both of them as yet unreleased. The first was Cop Car, a terrific little movie that I had the chance to see when it premiered at Fantasia Film Fest last year. The other was Clown, an Eli Roth-produced horror that was actually shot back in 2012, and is only just now getting a US release.

Clown looks fairly different from Cop Car, a fairly serious coming-of-age film with some pretty impressive dramatic power. Clown, on the other hand, looks about as tongue-in-cheek as you could hope for from a film about a man who slowly transforms into a demon clown after putting on a clown costume that he soon finds he can’t remove. I mean, conceivably you -could- play something like that completely straight, and without a hint of winking irony…..but why in heavens name would you want to? Despite the Roth factor (not a fan, myself), Clown looks like it could be a ton of fun, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it as part of the first wave of this year’s Fantasia lineup when it’s announced tomorrow.

Check out the trailer below

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