See how the trailer for France’s ‘Girlhood’ separates it from ‘Boyhood’


As Boyhood looks to do some damage at the Oscars this year, it seems like it could have a spiritual sequel in the form of director Celine Sciamma’s new coming of age drama, Girlhood.

The film comes from France and stars Karidja Toure as Marieme, who begins a new life with her three new free-spirited friends after being oppressed by her family for so long. The film plays at Cannes with Indiewire describing the film as “hugely uplifting” and approaching something close to “sublime.”

The comparisons to Richard Linklater’s Boyhood will of course be there, but it seems like Sciamma is diving into a much different pool than Linklater did in his film and the material should be able to separate the two movies, even if the titles won’t. Strand Releasing is distributing the film in America and probably is using the popularity of Linklater’s film to help propel the movie.

It is odd though, considering the English translation of the film’s original title Bande de Filles is actually “Group of Girls,” or “Gang of Girls.”

Girlhood opens on January 30.

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