First Trailer for ‘Morgan’ From Luke Scott


Talent, unlike a receding hairline, is not genetic. It takes years of practice and just the right foundation to cultivate the skill to become a great director. Your pop can be one of the best directors ever, but you could still wind up making Tales From Earthsea. So when you tell me that Ridley Scott’s son Luke will soon be helming his first feature, excuse me of the name factor doesn’t immediately get me on board. Still, the first trailer for Scott’s first feature, Morgan, definitely looks interesting.

From appearances, Morgan looks like a riff on Splice, telling the tale of some scientists who (find? create? alter?) a child named Morgan, who grows and matures at an exponential rate. But whenever, and I mean WHENEVER, a bunch of scientists start doing these kinds of weird “Let’s mess with a baby’s development and see what happens” experiments in movies, the result is invariably some sinister creature, and Morgan looks like no exception, with the hoodie-clad creature staring out at audiences from the poster as if to say “that’s a mighty nice looking spinal column you’ve got there, mind if I take a closer look?”. Oh, and incidentally, that’s Anya Taylor-Joy from The Witch playing Morgan, so good luck not seeing her as spooky and sinister.

Check out the trailer for Morgan below.

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