First TV Spot for Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows

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The first Tv spot for the last (1st part of 2) installment in the Harry Potter series has wormed it’s way online today, and it’s only going to add to the excitement for the movies that we already have.

While including some new scenes we haven’t yet seen in previous trailers (Ghost Dumbledore, some more Voldemort, Burrow under attack, to name a few) there are also a lot of things we’ve already seen- which is good.

A big problem with trailers now-a-days is that they usually end up giving away too much of the plot; I think Deathly Hallows has been doing pretty good so far, so I’ve got high hopes.

Here’s the Spot:

Keep looking forward to more clips coming out as Part 1’s release date draws nearer.

Mark it on your calendars! November 19th!

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