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  • Collection of different types of melons on picnic table

    30 Different Types of Melons – Do You Know Them All?

    Melons belong to the Cucurbitaceae family with different types varying in size, shape, color, texture, and sweetness. The most popular types are casaba, cantaloupe, honeydew and Persian melon. The most expensive type is the Yubari King melon because they can only be found in a small region in Japan. They’re also thought to be the sweetest […] More

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    4 Celebrity Food Trends You Need to Try

    When it comes to eating healthy, it’s often difficult to separate fact from fiction. Which food trends are just fads? Which are actually healthy? Well, you can’t always tell by listening to interviews with celebrities and reading gossip columns (let’s be honest, our favorite celebs aren’t always sane), but every now and then you can […] More