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  • Zucchini on a Cutting Board

    14 Different Types of Zucchini for All Kinds of Dishes

    Formerly called the “green Italian squash”, zucchini was barely given any recognition in the United States until the 20th century. Today, this versatile and super affordable vegetable is a common ingredient in a wide array of dishes which includes both savory dishes and desserts. Unlike other kinds of vegetables, zucchini doesn’t come with a distinct flavor. […] More

  • Different types of shrimp

    17 Different Types of Shrimp that You Can Eat (or Not)

    Shrimps have long been the favorite seafood dish for people all over the world and for the right reasons too. Not only can they be prepared in a wide variety of ways but they also taste beyond delicious given their soft and juicy meat. Did you know that the Gulf States of Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, […] More

  • Green Coconuts hanging From Coconut Tree

    13 Different Types of Coconuts that Grow Around the World

    Not very long ago, coconuts were being associated with a multitude of health issues like clogged arteries, heart diseases, and increased cholesterol levels, to name a few. This greatly affected its reputation and stirred up a lot of confusion among true coconut-lovers. However, after massive amounts of research on this incredible fruit, it made a […] More

  • Oysters with Lemon Slices

    11 Different Types of Oysters

    Some people absolutely love oysters, and some truly hate them, there is no middle ground here, really. A famous French poet and essayist called Léon-Paul Fargue who was also a true oyster-lover once said, “Eating an oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips”. Oysters are one of the most commonly farmed shellfish and […] More

  • Delicious bird eggs you can eat

    8 Type of Eggs You Can Eat

    Are you still cracking chicken eggs to make your omelet? You may be slightly behind the times. The latest trend in food is witnessing the emergence of a variety of eggs, far removed from our average domesticated hens. Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods in the world containing, protein, fats and vitamins; however, […] More

  • Different types of sausages

    13 Types of Sausage Explained

    No matter where you live on the planet, you have surely heard about sausages and so have most people around you. They are known to be long, cylindrical products which are made from meat, which can include beef, pork, chicken, veal, and even mutton. They are garnished with various spices and served with different sauces […] More

  • Different types of rice on the table

    12 Different Types of Rice – What’s Your Favorite?

    Did you know that rice comes in several varieties other than white and brown rice? Read this blog to find out about all the major types of rice. Rice is the one and only crop that has fed millions of people over a longer period of time than any other crop. The history of rice […] More

  • Brie cheese wheel

    15 Most Common Types of Soft Cheese

    As you graciously spread a thick layer of herbed cream cheese over a crispy cracker at a cocktail party, ever stopped to wonder how truly rich and delectable soft cheeses are? Soft cheeses really offer a highly rich and unique taste, flavor and aroma to every cheese connoisseur out there. These are known for their […] More

  • A Cheesecake Slice

    11 Different Types of Cheesecake – Who Knew There Were So Many?

    Recently, I ate at the Cheesecake factory for the first time in many years.  Meals are pretty good, desserts spectacular.  This past weekend I was in Seattle again and attempted to eat there.  I was quoted a 2 hour wait.  While I like the place, no restaurant is worth a 2 hour wait.  Even the […] More

  • Celery

    13 Different Types of Celery – Who Knew, Right?

    Originally hailed from the Mediterranean basin, celery was primarily known for its medicinal purposes, which is the reason why ancient people preferred to cultivate it the most. Due to its powerful oil and curable seeds, celery was the number one choice of ancient doctors and health specialists for treating ailments such as the flu, cold, […] More

  • Grilling Steaks on a Flaming Grill with Fire

    13 Different Types of Steak – Do You Know Them All?

    If you are an absolute steak lover, you’d know what makes a great steak, and how to identify one from afar- a big, fat, beautiful slab of beef. When coupled with delicious garlic pepper sauced, creamed spinach, some sautéed vegetables and perhaps, a glass of chilled drink, it is like a party in your mouth […] More

  • Various shapes of pasta

    25 Different Types of Pasta Noodles and Shapes

    Despite being a staple in Italian cusine, did you know that 1.5 million tons of pasta is exported by the country every year? But it shouldn’t be so surprising anyways. After all, pasta is everyone’s favorite. Not only is pasta quick and easy to make, but it also tastes great and can be prepared for […] More

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