Four Winners get “Buried with BURIED”

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I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Buried since the moment I read about its concept. I found the idea of being trapped underground with a man for one and a half hours very intriguing, so whenever any piece of news surfaced about the film I was all ears.

Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Rodrigo Cortés, is finally opening in limited release this Friday, September 24. In celebration of it’s Gala Screening at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas the night before, the Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest hosted what is probably one of the strangest/coolest/scariest events I’ve ever heard of.

The event consisted of four winners, who were picked, blindfolded, had burlap sacks put over their heads, and then were driven 30 miles out of the city. There, they were put into wooden coffins in which they removed their blindfolds and were played Buried on a small LCD screen. After the movie they met Ryan Reynolds, and probably had a greater appreciation for wide-open spaces.

Tim League, the Fantastic Fest co-founder explained the event saying, “The Rolling Roadshow is all about finding that unique film viewing experience with the perfect combination of movie and setting.  It’s traditionally been a communal experience of seeing a film outdoors with hundreds of people.  But for this event we put an even cooler twist on the concept, because some movies are perfect for seeing while buried.”

It’s a pretty cool concept, I just hope that all of the winners actually felt like they “won”.


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