From the Director of ‘Absentia’ – Mike Flanagan’s ‘Oculus’

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Anyone who has seen Absentia, screening at any of this year’s genre film festivals, knows how talented director Mike Flanagan is. Absentia currently sits on my list of top five movies of the year and made both my list and Justine’s list, of the best films screened at the 2011 Fantasia Film Festival. Below you will see a trailer for Flanagan’s previous film, a 32 minute short about a 30-something protagonist who locks himself in a confined space with three video cameras to document its supernatural abilities. Oculus subtitled “Chapter 3: The Man with the Plan has a simple concept, or so it would seem. It revolves around Scott (Tim Russel), a man who is haunted by a mirror with a violent past. The low budget ($2,000) horror short basically consists of one man alone in a room with a mirror, and several video cameras – but it’s truly horrifying. Here is the trailer. Enjoy!


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