Full Trailer For ‘Retirement of Joe Corduroy’

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The Retirement of Joe Corduroy has been a dream project for writer/director Mike Nelson over the past two years. Largely inspired by the vigilante films of the 1970′s, the film is an homage and a love song to those gritty, violent, revenge operas. The twenty minute short found enough funds via a Kickstarter campaign to complete the project. Here is the official plot synopsis:

Joe Corduroy is retiring. He has approached the beginning of the end. After his nephew is put into a coma due to a mindless act of violence, this gentle dentist declares payback on the lowly scum of the streets. In an act of vengeance, Joe scours the streets for unsuspecting criminals to enforce his own form of vigilante justice; a bullet in the back.

The Retirement of Joe Corduroy – Trailer from Mike P. Nelson on Vimeo.

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