Game of Thrones Podcast #1: “The North Remembers”

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The game begins anew! Kate Kulzick, Michael Waldman, and Simon Howell are onboard to parse the Season 2 opener, “The North Remembers,” while considering the adaptation process, the innate smackability of Joffrey, and occasionally drop (completely fake) spoilers from the series’ distant future.



Game of Thrones Intro Theme
dEUS – “Let’s See Who Goes Down First”

  1. Nymeria says

    Martin hates women? Thanks for starting with that, i know i don’t have to listen to the rest.

  2. Matt Marquissee says

    I do think Cersei did slap Joffrey.

    And they did kill King Robert’s heirs just not all at once.

  3. Matt Marquissee says

    Martin hates women?! Strongly disagree. He hates everybody except Greyjoys. lol

    Did Michael read the same series?/

  4. Frances says

    Game of Thrones is awesome, very true to the books. I love every minute of it. For those that haven’t read the books stick around it gets so much better, you’ll crap your pants halfway through season 3 but I’m not telling why :)

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