Game of Thrones Podcast #11: “Valar Dohaeris” with special guest Randy Dankievitch

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Kate returns with her Game of Thrones Podcast, only with a change of co-hosts. Replacing Simon Howell is Ricky D, with a rotating guest host appearing each week. Episode 11 features Randy Dankievitch from Processed Media, to help Kate and Rick discuss the season three premiere, “Valar Dohaeris.”




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  1. Inigo says

    Ricky, for a one-stop, I’d recommend the website It’s got everything you need to refresh yourself on what you’ve seen, it has brief descriptions of every character, summaries of the episodes and each chapter of the books should you want to get more in depth, family trees – everything you might need. I’m not connected with it, just found it to have the most in one place. is great too although when I first started checking out the sites, their character section was missing. I believe they may have finally got it up.

    1. Ricky says

      thanks Inigo. I’ve had a chance to catch up on some episodes. Excited about the next podcast !

  2. oliver says

    I’m sorry, but I had to stop listening at the 24 minute mark. 2 Robbs… Should have stopped after the “Is he his father?” & “Why isn’t he the king?” questions. I mean WTH!? And I’m not some crazy hardcore GoT fan – I haven’t read the books or done any additional research… and it’s still just so frustrating to listen.
    It’s just too much.

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      Sorry you were frustrated, Oliver- I hope you’ll check back in later in the season, as we get more into the swing of things. I’m glad you’re able to keep the various families and plot threads straight, but for many it is rather confusing. Thanks for your feedback!

      1. oliver says

        You’re welcome, Kate.
        And I’ll check back in for sure. Maybe around 5th episode… Love your other stuff – weekly Televerse listener, plus selected (>50%) episodes of Mousterpiece & Sordid Cinema. Also, I enjoyed your Walking Dead Podcast, although I won’t return for another season. Not because of you, I’m just done with the series – reason being the horrible (illogical, empty and drawn-out) second half of the season, “Clear” excluded.
        But you gotta admit, that was pretty bad :) I have a friend who does all her TV watching from a 4 inch screen while driving to work (usually standing in a crowded bus) – yeah, I know, she’s terrible. And yet somehow I feel she’s about 5 times less confused than Ricky by everything GoT related. I don’t know, maybe we can blame it on the sickness.
        I usually refrain from commenting, sorry about that – I know how much you appreciate the input from your listeners (English is obviously not my first language, so it takes an unreasonably long time for me to spell-check and make it sound at least half-decent) Simply not worth the hassle ;)
        But this time I felt like a slightly longer response was needed (although I said nothing new or useful about the topic at hand – this specific episode of GoT podcast… still super frustrating)

        James & Matt – you’re the reason I love the internet!

        1. Ricky says

          Oliver … I didn’t want to reply right away because I wanted to think about what you said. I went back and listened to the start of the podcast. I clearly state at the beginning of the episode that I watched season one, two years ago, and I watched season two in one day while I was very, very sick. Normally I would go back and watch the series / movie before reviewing it on a podcast, but I haven’t had the time. Even worse, my younger nephews are living with me for a month, until my brother moves into his new home. Game of Thrones is not something I can watch in front of them, and I’ve have also had trouble finding free time. I might understand you being so terribly upset, had I not mentioned my lack of knowledge, nor warned listeners – but I did. Kate wanted me to host with her, and I expressed my concerns. With that said, I think I represent a good number of viewers who are easily confused by who is who. I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking questions. As I tell all my kids at my other job, not asking questions is a bad thing. And had you listened to the end, you would know that I asked questions that not even Randy nor Kate were able to answer, and pointed out something they themselves had not noticed. I am not paid to podcast, and we do not charge you to listen so I’d like to think I can also have some fun while hosting the show.
          I’m pretty sure, if you were in my position, you would still be somewhat confused considering I am relying on memories from way back, not to mention one day, in which I had the most God awful fever.

          My brother is moving out Thursday and my plan is to go back and refresh my memory.

    2. James says

      Oliver, the fact that you felt the need to leave that comment on the site says a lot about your character. I’m sorry, but I have been listening to Rick’s Walking Dead podcast and movie cast for two years now, and he and Kate are without a doubt, the best podcasting team online. Rick clearly stated at the start of the show that he hadn’t had the time to catch up on who is who, and yet while he hasn’t, I still found him far more fun to listen to than any other podcaster out there. Rick doesn’t have that elitist attitude most critics have, and I’m sure he can tear you apart with his film/TV knowledge. Clearly you are a first time listener of the SOS podcasts.

      Great job yet again guys. I love the energy and the enthusiasm you all bring to the podcast. Most other podcasters are a bore but you guys mix in humour and intelligent critical analysis.

    3. Matt says

      Translation: Oliver is a huge fan. He’s read the books and watched the show on repeat. His blood pressure rises wishing he was recording a Game of Thrones podcast.

  3. Andreamustdie says

    Love the episode. In response to your question about when “Winter is Coming” Ricky. It doesn’t mean Winter is actually coming. Its just the “words” or “motto” of the Stark family. It basically means “watch your ass”.

    And here are some wiki sites to help with your confusion.

    Some word of caution. The last two sites listed do contain spoilers from the later books. So if you don’t want to be spoiled. Stick to the first one.

    1. Ricky says

      Thanks Andreamustdie – I plan on catching up now that I have some free time.

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