Game of Thrones Podcast #13: “Walk of Punishment”

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Prior to this week’s episode, we’ve been doing a lot of catching up. There has been a bit of character upkeep and Ricky and Kate have kept busy doing a bit of plot-point bookkeeping. “Walk of Punishment” changes all this. Guest host Michael Waldman joins the conversation this week to discuss our favourite characters who all seem to be scrambling to find a viable position in situations where they have little to no control. Vague comparisons to the book are made, questions are answered and we offer a bit of speculation as well.



The Hold Steady- “The Bear and Maiden Fair”

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  1. Ricky says

    I left this long comment and my browser crashed. Anyhow thanks for the sweet feedback. I haven’t read the books but as I said on the show … the Pod scenes were amazing and executed well. So I agree with that … I was just questioning if they are needed. That is all.

  2. matt d says

    The artistry of the white walkers is established on the show right off the bat: they have a shot of oddly shaped body parts in the opening of Season 1, Episode 1.

    Anyone who read the books should know who the character who is helping Theon is. If you are not a book reader, you should be clueless as to who he is and or what his intentions are. The things Theon is going through in the show do happen in the books, but they happen off-screen, and they are relayed to us via flash backs in book 5.

    Pod scenes were amazing; they were a nod to the book readers as Pod got alot more “screen time” in the book. I completely disagree that his screen time should have been given to some one else.

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