Game of Thrones Podcast #14: “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

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Simon Howell returns to our Game of Thrones podcast to discuss episode 4 of season four titled “And Now His Watch Is Ended.” Warning: Sensitive viewers should maybe stay away from this podcast as we for once lean more towards the critical side.


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  1. Inigo says

    Listening to the podcast now – a little late, I know. I just wanted to defend the Astopor scene. I have read the book but I thought they did cover the issues complained of. The most serious is “no contingency plan” but they made fairly clear that no one had ever sought to purchase all the Unsullied including everyone in training. Remember the value of the ship was worth only 10 Unsullied. So there wouldn’t be a contingency plan for something so unforeseen. Couple that with the fact that the slavers were positively slathering for a dragon (which, by the way is why I disagree with Kate’s comment that Kraznys would hand the dragon to a slave – he was bewitched) and it made sense to me both on screen and in the book.

    1. Ricky says

      Actually, I was thinking the same thing after we finished recording. If someone handed me a dragon, I wouldn’t be thinking very clear myself.

  2. Sean Colletti says

    I agree with Simon: Ygritte.

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