‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Gets a New Trailer – More Ghosts, More Gags, More Slimer


Oh, what a saga this has been. The internet kerfuffle over the very existence of a new, female-driven Ghostbusters movie has been one of the more loud, vocal and stupid ones in recent memory, from the near-constant background noise of angry sexists, to the calculated downvoting campaign from said angry sexists, to some Youtuber I’ve never heard of loudly proclaiming that he’ll never watch the film. At this point, the discussion surrounding Paul Feig’s film seems less about the film itself and more about the monstrous levels of vitriol being heaped on it by the worst the internet has to offer. When the film actually comes out in July, buying a ticket will be as much of a socio-political statement as a sign of actual interest in the film. Battle lines are being drawn over this thing, and while the barricades are still being fortified, there’s still time to actually talk about the quality of the film before the inevitable thinkpiece war stars.

So how’s it look? Alright. I’ll say this for it, it looks gorgeous visually. To shoot the film, Feig recruited Robert D. Yeoman, Oscar-winner and longtime Wes Anderson collaborator, and that quality shows. We’re currently living in something of a renaissance for film color, with bright, “poppy” color schemes coming back into vogue, and Ghostbusters looks like another fine entry in that trend. The film’s colors, and indeed overall visuals, fly off the screen. It actually kinda makes me WANT to see the thing in 3D. Imagine that. As for the film’s comedy, things remain in the same vein as we saw before, and whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to you and your comedic tastes. For me, many of the jokes don’t seem to land, but I got a few healthy chuckles out of it. One thing that does seem notably problematic about this trailer is one particular shot that looks like it may give away the identity of the film’s main villain, or possibly the Peter Macnicol-style supporting baddie, so if that being spoiled for you is something you want to avoid, watch at your own risk.

Check out the new Ghostbusters trailer below.

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