Goosebumps Coming to the Big Screen

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If you grew up in the 90s, and happened to not live under a rock, you remember R.L. Stine’s widely popular series of children horror novels Goosebumps. The series, composed of 156 books, helped define popular children’s literature in a pre-Harry Potter world. With over 300 million copies sold worldwide, a heap of merchandise, and a successful television series, the franchise is now heading towards a new film.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Columbia has hired Carl Ellsworth, best known for writing Disturbia, Red Eye, and the remake of The Last House on the Left, to convert the series into a feature. Neal Moritz of Original Film and Deborah Forte of Scholastic Entertainment will produce the Goosebumps movie.

Besides being the source of many of my fears, Goosebumps, and the children’s horror genre in general really, is something I think the youngsters of today are sadly missing out on. Am I alone in thinking that kids should have some source of harmless psychological torment? We all turned out okay…didn’t we?


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