Grimm, Ep. 1.15, “Island of Dreams”: It’s all about potions this week

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Nick discovers more about the seamy side of Wesen life when an apothecary is killed for drugs.

Grimm Review, Season 1, Episode 15: “Island of Dreams”
Written by Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt
Directed by Rob Bailey
Airs Fridays at 9pm (ET) on NBC

After a two week gap, it’s nice to say that Grimm returns with a kickass episode. It’s even nicer to say that it does it with a second season in the bag. The lovely people at NBC have decided to give the series a second run, no small triumph for the show’s creators when you consider that its competition in the Friday night slot includes Fringe and Supernatural.

This week, Captain Renard sneaks further out of his Wesen closet by giving Adelind Schade orders to put Hank under her spell. We’ve never been quite sure which side Renard is on, but now we get a sense that his moral compass might be missing a north, setting a Hexenbeist on one of his own men, with the explicit purpose of getting to Nick.

Not nice, Renard. Hank has been portrayed as a bit of a ladies man, but he must have unsuspected reserves of old fashioned courtesy, because so far Adelind hasn’t managed to get more than the tips of her claws into him. Claire Coffee as Adelind is one of those tiny steely blondes you feel you could cut yourself on and the hint of madness in her big bright smile makes it clear that once Hank is in her clutches, she’s going to make his life very unpleasant indeed.

Hank’s ordeal seems designed to force Nick to declare himself, or to pick sides, either as a Grimm or as a cop. I’m interested to see if the writers allow Nick to keep his ‘human’ job, because there’s potential in the idea of taking that away from him, or forcing him into a situation where he has to choose between that and the wellbeing of his partner.

Apart from that, this episode works because it gives us the usual encapsulated ‘Wesen wrongdoing of the week’ element – this time two vagrants hooked on the Wesen equivalent of crack kill an apothecary when a robbery goes wrong – but also ties it into some deepening of the relationships between the existing characters. A new Wesen joins Nick’s gradually growing team of helpers. Rosalee, played by the solemnly gorgeous Bree Turner, is the sister of the apothecary we last saw buying human body parts from the Geiers in “Organ Grinder”. But unlike her brother, Rosalee is reformed, just like Monroe. She saves his life, he brings her flowers. If the course of true love runs smooth, we may be hearing the patter of tiny paws…

But not much runs smoothly in Grimm. The introduction of Rosalee adds another dimension to Monroe’s character. With a relationship in the offing, he becomes less of a sidekick and more of a real person. It also brings a pleasing symmetry to his situation and Nick’s. Until now, Nick has been the only character with a relationship in jeopardy. This new development gives both him and Monroe something (or rather someone) to lose.

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