B-Horror with a great cast in the ‘Grizzly’ trailer


Billy Bob Thornton starring in a B-movie creature feature should be enough for anyone to be sold, but now we have a trailer for Grizzly (formally known as Endangered and Red Machine) from Saw V director, David Hackl. The film follows two estranged brothers (James Marsden and Thomas Jane) and their girlfriends as they are hunted by a savage grizzly bear. The film doesn’t seem like it will transcend any monster movie tropes, but it looks like it might be some really bloody fun. This film may seem very similar to the 1976 film also called Grizzly, but nowhere does anyone seem to calling this new film a remake. The 1976 film itself is widely considered one of many late 70s era Jaws knockoffs, so we’re now in a time of knockoffs of knockoffs. Seriously though, this does look like it could make for a good time at the movies. The film also stars Scott Glenn, Piper Perabo, Adam Beach, Michaela McManus, and Kelly Curran. Check out the trailer below.


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