‘Guardians of the Night’ Trailer – Night Watch, is That You?

Guardians of the Night

Guardians of the Night

All culture, to one extent or another, is built on what came before it. I think I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. As much as we want to feel clever with ourselves for pointing out how so many stories are built around on what amounts to the same “skeleton”, that’s really just how a lot of storytelling works. And yet….sometimes you just can’t look past the obvious….ahem….influences. Take, for example, this trailer for an upcoming Russian vampire/horror/action movie, Guardians of the Night. The trailer, which you can watch down below, isn’t subtitled, but here’s the basic gist as I’ve been able to piece together from IMDB and other coverage.

Our hero is Pasha, an 18 year old courier who rescues a woman from a band of powerful attackers. The attackers, it turns out, are vampires, and Pasha is soon recruited into a secret, we can presume ancient, organization dedicated to keeping an oblivious world safe from the threats of the night.

Now, you may not be aware of a little film called Night Watch, a Russian fantasy/horror/action film from 2004 with an EXTREMELY similar premise and, as you’ve probably noticed, a very similar title. Of course, the similarities aren’t absolute. Night Watch featured all manner of supernatural creatures, often with a Russian folkloric bent and a really interestingly developed internal mythology. Guardians of the Night seems to just be vampires of the classic fanged variety. Guardians of the Night also feels a lot more slick in its production values….and also quite a bit more boring, if we’re being honest. It looks like it could be a fun movie, but there’s also not much going on visually to really catch the eye. The vampires look like Buffy extras, and it all feels very manufactured and “Hollywood-esque”, rather than like a personal vision.

Still, it could wind up being worth a watch.

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