Had Enough ‘Batman vs Superman’ Trailers? Well Tough, Here’s One More

Batman Vs Superman

BVS Final Trailer

The marketing campaign for Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hasn’t exactly been playing things close to the chest. In fact I think we can safely say it’s been playing things several miles away from the chest. While Star Wars: The Force Awakens keps viewers guessing about a ton of its characters, set pieces and basically the whole plot, it’s already fairly easy to suss out a lot of BvS‘s major beats and plot points just from the trailers, to say nothing of whole scenes. Whether or not this is a bad thing for you is entirely subjective, though. While some people like to go into a movie completely blind, others lap up trailers and tv spots in rapt anticipation, letting the advertising fuel their expectations.

For that second category, the final (for sure, we promise, no takesie backsies) trailer for Batman Vs Superman landed today, showing off a ton of new action, most notably a Batman vs warehouse-full-of-baddies fight that seems designed to make audiences forget about Christian Bale’s grunty, arm-flailing martial arts tactics in favor of Battfleck’s faster, lither, more generally Batman-like style. Which is fine by me, personally, the idea that Batman fights should be realistic never made much sense to me. Have him flip five feet in the air, it’s fine, he’s BATMAN.

Besides that new fight scene, most of the footage from the new trailer is stuff we’ve seen in previous trailers and TV spots, with the exception of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman finally getting a line of dialogue in. ‘Bout time.

You can check out the new trailer below.

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