Hear Paul Thomas Anderson as Marc Maron’s guest on ‘WTF’ podcast


Few directors excite cinephiles just by sheer mention of their name than Paul Thomas Anderson. Although his latest film Inherent Vice failed to make our year end list due to the technicality of its unfortunate awards season release date, our reviews from the New York Film Festival, one by Christopher Clemente and the other by Mark Young, speak to how beguiling he remains as a director.

So for PTA to talk intimately on comedian Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, which recently had one of its episodes named the best podcast of all time, is bound to get people excited. The two talked about Thomas Pynchon, about his long career of films, and about trying to be a runner while you’re a smoker.

“It’s a rare artist that when you return to his or her work, a true act of genius, is something that you can return to and it continues to evolve in meaning for you,” Maron said about Anderson.

Maron also announced that his next guest on Thursday would be Richard Linklater, director of Boyhood. So you have that to look forward to also. Listen to the podcast here or on iTunes. The podcast includes NSFW language.

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