Help the Sound On Sight Radio Hosts get to the Toronto International Film Festival in Two Weeks.

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Sound On Sight is in need of your help. Simon Howell and I are planning our yearly trip to the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s an exciting event that allows us to produce some of our best Sound On Sight radio shows. The downside is that it is also quite expensive. We are looking for ways to help cover our traveling costs and we are hoping that some of you would be kind enough to graciously donate a few dollars our way. Our goal is to raise 500 $ and I swear we won’t spend it on booze. Instead it will help us produce some high quality programming live from TIFF. If you are able to help us out in any way, please use our PayPal button located below. Thank you for your time… and money … if you choose to donate… please do.

Ricky D

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