‘Hero’ Teaser Trailer Doesn’t Look Like Your Average Teenage Vampire Film

Before you sigh from the prospects of another teenage vampire film, think again. New to trailers is the South Korean teaser trailer for Kim Hong-ik’s horror film Hero. The story follows a teenager who miraculously saves a blind person after accidentally becoming a vampire. After much publicity, the newbie vampire is considered to be a hero,  and has to face his new identity as well as the dark forces that are raising along with it. 

Whatever you might think first hand around, the film doesn’t look that bad. In fact, it may just be what the world needs for universal vampire film harmony. What looks like a combination of Twilight meets Thirst, the film appears to have the right formula of campy high school atmosphere to keep the Twilight fans at ease, and enough grit and gore to keep the genre freaks entertained. So let’s all rejoice and go to the movies holding hands. Do you think the trailer gives merit to this sub-genre of horror films? Read the official synopsis and watch the trailer below, and decide for yourself.  Hero is already out in theaters in South Korea, and a worldwide release is TBA.

“Sim-dan gets bullied everyday in his school, becomes a vampire after an unexpected accident. After accepting this change, and thanks to his new found power, he saves a blind person who falls onto the track in front of a subway train. His story goes on air on TV news all over the nation, and many people start to call him a Hero. On the other hand, Sim-dan’s friends start to wonder about how this power will effect him, and what is the true nature and intent of the dark force rising behind him, that’s returned after such a long sleep. ”

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