Hey You Geeks!! # 33: Sci-Fi Double Feature w/ The Zero Theorem & The Congress


When we decided to do a double-feature episode on Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem and Ari Folman’s The Congress, we had no idea how deep of a sci-fi journey of existentialism we were in for. This week, we are looking at these two, slightly under-the-radar movies (both recently released in select theaters and on VOD) that absolutely moved us. Our conversation goes deep into religion, technology and the importance of thought-provoking stories in science fiction. The question is, were we moved in positive or negative directions? All that, plus we talk about some new things were reading and playing as well as our new geeky obsessions for the week. Give a listen, and don’t forget to share your reviews of Hey You Geeks on iTunes!



Karen Souza – “Creep”

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