Hey You Geeks!! Podcast #19: Inside the Jim Henson Creature Shop with Guests Peter Brooke and John Criswell


In this very special 19th Episode of the Hey You Geeks podcast we’re taking you into the Jim Henson Creature Shop with special guests Peter Brooke (Creative Supervisor) and John Criswell (Animatronic Supervisor), both Mentors on the the new Syfy series Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. With the new Syfy series set to premiere on March 25th, a new Muppets film in theaters and this week marking the 15th anniversary of Farscape, theres no better timing for an episode devoted to the imagination geniuses at Henson Studios. From the Creature Shop itself, Peter and John discuss past projects including the Dinosaurs TV series, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, Where the Wild Things Are and more. Then, we discuss the practical effects vs. CGI debate and what that might mean for the future of special effects. Give a listen, and don’t forget to share your reviews of Hey You Geeks on iTunes!



Labyrinth – “Fireys” song

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