Hey You Geeks!! Podcast #37: The State of Geek Culture

Geek word of the year Collins online dictionaryLast week, we attended our local comic convention, Rhode Island Comic Con, with the goal of interviewing some of the cons amazing guest lineup for Hey You Geeks. Turns out, the con was a case-study on how not to run a convention. The geeks came in force, but the con just wasn’t equipped to handle the masses. This got us to thinking about the state of geek culture. As experiences have shown, geek culture is booming, but we wonder; Is this the peak? In the long shadow of geekdom, a sub-culture built from outcasts and niche obsessions, what does it mean to be a geek today? After pondering these questions, we end the show with the two fun interviews we did manage to grab at RI Comic Con, one with Reb Brown, the first Captain America, and the other with Sesame Street and Great Space Coaster puppeteer, Jim Martin. Give a listen, review us on iTunes and enjoy!


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