Hobo with a Laptop, Episode 4: “The Thing with Two Heads” (1972)

The Thing With Two Heads

Welcome to episode 4 of Hobo with a Laptop, this week we discuss the 70s blaxploitation/science fiction film, The Thing with Two Heads. It’s a proper dressing down, as this film is abysmal, but it can be viewed for free on YouTube, in case you’re looking for a silly film to make fun of with your friends over a few drinks.
My guest host this week is Mitch Stewart, a fellow Sound on Sight alum, and author of the newly minted “Rollercoaster Anthology”, a novel that can be purchased here. You can also check out his website, Lumpy Productions, featured here.
Hobo with a Laptop is now available on Stitcher. Both the podcast player, and the YouTube link to the film can be found below:

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