Hobo with a Laptop, Episode 6: “Wizards”

After a short hiatus, we are back for another round of free movie shenanigans. This week we’re discussing Wizards, a 1977 animated fantasy epic directed by Ralph Bakshi of Fritz the Cat fame. Returning this week is my co-host from two episodes back, Mr. Mitch Stewart of standard life and day-to-day humanity fame. For the forseeable future he will be a permanent fixture on the show so you can look forward to his soothing baritone for many episodes to come.

You can check the show out on iTunes and Stitcher as well, and if you could deign to give us poor podcast start-ups a review or a rating, we would be endlessly appreciative. Please consider rolling over to iTunes for a moment and doing just that. Both the podcast player and the YouTube link to the film are included below.


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