‘Homeland”s new Season 4 trailer promotes special premiere event

HOMELAND (Season 4)

Homeland enters its fourth season heading in a new direction, after bringing closure to a storyline that some felt was a bit overextended with last season’s shocking closer. By the episode’s end we found Carrie with child and promoted as Station Chief in Istanbul under new acting director Lockhart, while her former director Saul is now working  in the private sector.

The new season shows Carrie investigating a drone missile strike in Pakistan, as well as dealing with the responsibilities of motherhood. It looks like this season will see Carrie struggle with being an absent mother while trying to solve the Pakistan strike crisis, seeking aid from her old team of Saul and Quinn. Also joining the cast this season is Corey Stoll and Laila Robins.

Homeland will premiere on Showtime as a special premiere event that will air two episodes on Sunday, October 5th, starting at 9pm EST.

Watch the Season 4 trailer below.


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