‘Honest Trailers’ Doubles Down With Entries for ‘Batman ’89’ and ‘Superman ’78’

Superman Batman

Superman Batman

The folks at Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers have always had a knack for hitting the nail on the head when it comes to what works and what doesn’t work about our favorite movies, even if they can get a bit nit-picky sometimes. It’s also refreshing to see at least one group among the movie-deconstruction-video squad that can actually admit when a movie is pretty solid and there isn’t much to make fun of. While other video series focus entirely on small, some would say inconsequential nitpicks, Honest Trailers feels a bit more even-handed in its critiques, and very rarely goes for cheap shots.

In celebration of the release of Batman v Superman, the Honest Trailers crew have decided to give its fans a double-dose of their usual schthick by releasing videos for two of the pillars of the superhero movie pantheon: Tim Burton’s Batman and Richard Donner’s Superman. The two films are among the most important and influential entries in the now-booming genre, but that doesn’t make them beyond reproach, and the Honest Trailers team don’t pull any punches when it comes to critiquing these two cinematic landmarks. Batman in particular gets a scathing (but still loving) critique that points out how, if the film were released today, it would be receiving as much ire from the fan community as BvS is. I hadn’t really put all of it together, but when all the evidence is lined up, it’s hard not to agree with them. Batman clearly kills, is cast with an actor who you wouldn’t expect for the role, and a white character was even cast with an African American actor. Superman gets off comparatively light, though they’re still more than willing to point out some of the glaring problems with Donner’s classic film. Also, thanks Honest Trailers, now I can NEVER watch Superman again without seeing Margot Kidder as “White Rashida Jones”.

You can check out the Honest Trailers for Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 below

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