‘Horrible Bosses 2’ gets a first trailer

Horrible Bosses 2

Horrible Bosses 2

In the new tradition of giving mildly to wildly successful original Hollywood comedies a sequel (Hangover, 22 Jump Street, Think Like a Man Too), we of course are getting a sequel to Seth Gordon’s Horrible Bosses, starring Charlie Day, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis, a film about three guys who hated their bosses and decided they want to try and murder them.

Well, the trailer for Horrible Bosses 2 has arrived, and thankfully it looks pretty great in that dumb comedy sort of way. The main cast, including Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston (who was surprisingly fantastic in the original and from the looks of this will continue that hot streak) is all returning, along with newcomers Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz, the latter of whom would make for a great Horrible Boss (although he only momentarily shows up in the trailer).

The difference this time around is that Sean Anders (That’s My Boy) is on board to write and direct in place of Gordon. Horrible Bosses 2 releases November 26. Watch the trailer below:

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