Missed out on ‘P.T.’? Here’s your chance to download it!

One of the defining news stories of the gaming world this year has been the ugly public break-up between Konami and their longtime creative force and revenue generator, Hideo Kojima. As the creator and director of the Metal Gear Solid series, Kojima is something of a legend in the industry, and when he was announced as the director of the newly rebooted Silent Hill title (called Silent Hills), gamers were anxiously excited to see what the notorious auteur had in store for longtime fans of the series.

The announcement actually came as a little easter egg for those who were brave enough to finish P.T., a short but terrifying first-person game that showed exactly what kind of creepy innovations Kojima and creative partner Guillermo Del Toro, a filmmaker and an auteur in his own right, had in store for fans of the franchise. Alas though, ‘P.T.‘ was pulled from the PSN store a short time later, leaving YouTube videos and outlandishly priced PS4s containing the demo as the only conceivable ways to actually play it. This was followed shortly by the cancellation of Silent Hills, and the controversial removal of Kojima’s name from MGSV. In other words, all bad news.

Well, that may have just changed. As reported by GameRant earlier today, a clever online source going by the YouTube tag “moreuse” has uploaded a video that purports to show a workaround which will allow players to download the banned title for themselves. Now it’s worth noting that this falls into murky legal territory but if you’re willing to take the risk than P.T. can be yours in just a few short minutes. Check out the video below for details.

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