I Bet You Won’t Find Better ‘House Of The Devil’ Posters Than These Two Beauties!

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One of my favorite films of the past few years was New York horror director Ti West’s The House of the Devil. House of the Devil hearkens back to the days of late 70s grindhouse cinema, complete with a synthesized rock soundtrack (one of the best soundtracks to any horror film), a freeze-frame opening credit sequence marked with yellow title cards and a cast that includes Mary Woronov (Silent Night, Deadly Night) and horror veteran Dee Wallace-Stone (The original Hills Have Eyes, The Howling) who makes a small cameo. Scott Hopko was kind enough to share these beautiful new posters he designed for the film. The posters are so good, they almost match the brilliance of the movie. Check them out and head over to www.hopkodesigns.com when you have a chance. Enjoy!

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