If you liked ‘Super 8’, you’re going to love the Red Band Trailer for ‘Attack The Block’

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A red band trailer from the Joe Cornish sci-fi-action-horror-comedy Attack The Block has been released. Attack The Block tells the story of a gang of South London youths who kill an alien that has landed on earth, upon mistaking it for a vicious raccoon. After this, many more begin invading Earth and so, led by someone conveniently called Moses (John Boyega), they decide that it is up to them to defend everybody and stop the invasion. The film received tons of praise from the screening at this year’s SXSW film Festival. Our very own Alice Gray reviewed it there, saying, “Attack the Block is alien-adventure gold” (read the full review here).

The film eventually got picked up by Screen Gems and will see a North American released, although no date as yet been announced. I think if you’re a fan of genre film, Attack The Block is a must see.

Yiannis Cove wrote in a recent review that “the film lives up to its considerable buzz, managing to blend a kind of comedy and horror that is reminiscent of films such as Gremlins and Shaun of the Dead”.

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